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Writer's Block: Lame jobs

What's the worst job you've ever had?

Market research interviewer. It wasn't that bad, but of the jobs I've had I liked it the least. It involved conducting surveys over the phone; basically I would sit at a specialized console and read out a script while the machine dialed random calls. The only really unpleasant thing about it is that it was boring as all hell, because most of the time it involved endless strings of answering machines.

When people actually picked up, they were generally nice. And when they did the interviews, the job was somewhat interesting. But it was really, really hard to stay positive and calm when I was getting so goddamned bored.

Didn't help that nearly all the workers felt the same way, if they didn't have an outright disdain for the job or for the people who responded. I mean, I also actually worked as a telemarketer where I had to dial calls rather than have a machine do them for me, but it wasn't nearly as bad because the people were amazing.

Sometimes I wonder if it's possible to do away completely with sucky jobs. Things like market research interviewer, and traffic counter, and sanitation agent. They're not fun and they often pay poorly, but someone's got to do them to keep things running. I almost feel like in an ideal world, only teenagers with no experience would have to do them, so as to spare older people the indignity.

But then, what the hell do I know about older people with menial jobs. A job's a job, after all, and it's good for one's self-confidence to have their labour worth something to society. Or, I think so, anyway.