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Writer's Block: Bit of the Ol' Buyer's Remorse

What product have you felt guiltiest, or silliest, for buying?

Last year, I needed a whisk. I went to the dollar store to buy one, because the dollar store is home to all sorts of wondrous things, including excellent whisks. But instead of buying one of the run-of-the-mill sturdy metal or plastic whisks, I fell prey to a bizarre hybrid product. It wasn't just a whisk; it could be converted to tongs! I thought that was really cool, and so spent a non-refundable dollar. And then it broke as soon as I got home.

I blame my own stupidity. It was a dumb product, but I didn't even try to handle it with finesse. If I had, it might've worked as it was supposed to. In any case, I don't blame the dollar store, which is a purveyor of wares most marvelous but which no reasonable person could approach without regard to caveat emptor. :P

I still use the broken thing; it's useful as a spatula. More than one person has tried to persuade me to throw it out, but I'm stubborn, even about being silly, and so it stays.



It must have been the same place I bought the perfume. My kids love the dollar store. Giant "tubs" of hair jel! Oh yeah. Thanx for the invite.

Re: $Store


Re: $Store

Sorry. Another day, another mind. Duh, really sorry.I don't remember what I was thinking.Not invite.